Artisan Cheng Tsung Feng Fish Trap

"...A Taiwanese artist known for his handiwork, Cheng-Tsung Feng's bambook craftsmanship is all here to be admired..."

Fine craft and detailing within the realm of architecture can be fantastic, and this fish trap house design is worth all its honoured merit. A Taiwanese artist known for his handiwork, Cheng-Tsung Feng‘s bambook craftsmanship is all here to be admired.

A project to pass on his ancient hand-me-down knowledge to a local indigenous tribe with high curiosities, the construction of this elegant structure using artisanal skill has caught more the human’s eye than any fish’s. Located in Taiwan on Sun Moon Lake – widely regarded as a very beautiful tourist spot – the structure sits perfectly at ease within the wider landscape of mountains. An original habitat area for Taiwanese aborigines – the Thao people, specifically – this crafted structure aims to promote and embody all things local.

An organised workshop of twenty community members who each wanted to learn traditional techniques, the event saw weaving best-practices shared throughout. First practising such a new skill on smaller models before applying on any real structure, the realised rib cage object features a central seat and a hanging light. Appreciating such fine craftsmanship, the visible landscape beyond almost becomes secondary to the inward facing community gathering space.

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Transparent Walls Yet Inward Views

The beautiful wider landscape beautifully plants the structure in its berth in a harmonious manner, but upon standing inside, the inward facing nature of its arrangement prioritises the people rather than the mountains beyond. A fantastic project in a fantastic location.

(Photography Credit :  Cheng Tsung)

8 Design
7 Originality
10 Culturality
9.5 Context

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