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Foldable Screen Of The FlexPai Smartphone 8.8

The World’s First Foldable (Flexpai) Phone

“…You or your subject can use FlexPai’s screens to make sure the pose is perfect before the image is even snapped – now that is convenience in the modern first world!”

Introducing The Helm Server Hut Box 8.4

Owning Your Data : The Helm Server

“…A home server to meet the demands of today’s society, Helm is a personal, private email server that won’t ever share your data…”

Nendo Charging Device For Phones 7.9

The Nendo Emergency Relief Charger

“…Portable, sleek and simple, this hand-generative charging device has been introduced by Nendo and is perfect for any electricity-scarce situation…”

In Focus With The Panasonic Blinkers 7.4

Panasonic Blinkers For Ultimate Focus

“…The blinker’s frontal-opening causes the user to only be able to see roughly 40% of their total original vision field, and as such, will really help you see forward…”

The Simplicity Of The Sculptural FLOS Light 7.9

Sculptural FLOS Light, A Floating Halo

“…Titled Wirering, such a minimalist light design is an exercise in reduction: stripped-back to its most essential components, the lamp delivers the most with the least…”

The Terra Earthquake Alarm Project 8.5

Live-Saving With The Terra Alarm

“…Terra: a device that increases awareness and reduces panic in countries vulnerable to earthquakes…”

Introducing Son Of A Tailor Shirts 8.5

The Perfect T-Shirts By Son Of A Tailor

“…Son of a Tailor celebrate all things ‘custom’ and embrace technology to create a t-shirt that is perfect-designed to anyone, anywhere…”

The New Anglepoise Mini Lamp 7.5

The Super Cute Anglepoise Mini

“…All the performance and designer flair that you’d expect from the Anglepoise brand, such a small design object stands at half the size of the brand’s standard desk lamp…”