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Feltmark WALD Lights 8.5

Feltmark : Neatly Lit Objects

“…Honest and transparent, exercising the latest in technology yet the most fundamental in aesthetics, it is true to say that the whole is greater than its individual parts…”

Phillip Grass Companion Seating 6.9

Phillip Grass And His Companions

“…Furniture of vivid presence that sets itself somewhere in between ‘fun art’ and functionality…”

ANZA Coffee Machine 6.8

The Concrete Coffee Machine

“…The bar is set high for coffee drinks’ apparatus and they definitely nudged it that little bit higher…”


Anglepoise : The Iconic British Brand

“…Hard pushed to not see an Anglepoise in at least one bar, restaurant, hotel or office on any given day, not least a replica trying to mimic the brand’s greatness…”

Biomega Bikes 8.1

Biomega : Its Own World Of Biking

“…Could arguably assign alot of credit to Biomega for perhaps popularising the modern movement of biking being unbelievably technological and engineering orientated….”