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The Stahl Firepit 8.1

Summers Essential Garden Firepit

“…Known to naturally lighten in colour from a dark blue to an autumn gold, you can expect this fireplace to adopt a lovely golden tint…”

Papertrophy Elephant Design 8.5

Design Your Favourite Papertrophy

“…From antelopes to elephants, rhinos to penguins, squirrels to bulls…you will find something fantastic to wow all the family with…”

American Shinola Watches 8.5

The American Timekeeping Of Shinola

“…With huge investment in homegrown talent, hand-made manufacturing and ultimately jobs for American citizens, Shinola has made a difference to Detroit…”

The Yuue Design One Piece Organiser 8.6

The One Piece Desk Organiser

“…Making organising stationary a pleasant user experience, the One Piece makes a messy arrangement into a beautiful order…”

Xvida Charging Mount 8.1

Smartphones Essential Wireless Charger

“…As a perfect accessory to anyone’s workspace, daily commute or home, XVIDA have perhaps created a smartphone’s most important add-on…”

Pictar Phone Camera Frame 8.8

Unleashing The Power Of The iPhone Camera

“…When Steve Jobs changed the world of photography as we know it at the Mac-World show in San Francisco, and your story of more beautiful photos begins now…”

The B&O BEOPlay A1 8.4

The Truly Portable B&O A1

“…Hang the device up in any room or use at a home-party, the limit is your imagination…”

Word Notebooks 8

Your First Page Of Word Notes

“…With a standardised system for all lists and reminders, and for a stylish pad to take the pain of note-taking away, the first page of Word was written…”