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Pesi Wireless Charging Of Everyday Objects 7.9

Pesi Wireless Charging Homeware

“…Designing a full range of homeware products, South Korean based Pesi have created a range in which attempts to rid smartphone users of wires and cables, period…”

Scandinavian Bohemian Furniture By Trimm 7.4

Scandinavian Bohemian By Trimm

“…Each of these outdoor furniture options are the ideal patio addition whether you’re a sunseeker, yogi, or being honest, anyone…”

The Zanco Tiny T1 Phone 8.1

The Zanco Tiny T1 Super-Small Phone

“…Smart in every way except offering actual smart functions, the Zanco ‘Tiny T1’ is so much more than just a cute one-off concept idea…”

Hang Storing The Stove Chair 7.5

Storing The Hanging Stove Seat

“…Able to be hung on the included wall-mounted peg or along a peg rail, Stove’s very simple storage capability is actually quite unique…”

Garmin GPS x Amazon Alexa 7.8

Garmin GPS x Amazon Alexa

“…Garmin and Amazon’s Alexa (speaking) ‘robot service’ have been paired together to became a project that aims to retain the merits of the trusty satnav…”

Inside The Life Clock Emergency Kit 8.4

Saving Lives With The Clock of Life

“…A normal time-telling device by any means, we mean, it tells the time, right, this simple ‘Life Clock’ is really quite ingenious…”

Moncler x Craig Costello Across Hong Kong 7.4

Moncler x Craig Costello x Hong Kong

“…With each of the Moncler x Craig Costello statuettes handpainted, adding to the eye-catchy-ness of their beards and metallic puffer jackets…”