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The Ideal Health Monitor With Withings New ScanWatch 8

The Ideal Health Monitor With Withings New ScanWatch

“…The blend of the French company’s design ethos with some potentially life-saving tech, gives the ScanWatch an edge and is perfect for someone looking for something that blends the traditional with the contemporary…”

Tempo Connected Home Gym 7.9

Upgrade Your Home Workout With Tempo

“…The Azure Kinect camera tracks your movements and pares it down to 25 essential joints, whilst also tracking the motion of the barbell and dumbbells you’re using in real-time…”


Create Your Own Unopiu Urban Balcony

“…The Urban Balcony allows you to really utilise your outdoor space by transforming a balcony or terrace into an extension of the interior of your home…”

Urban Collective x Raul Magdaleno Collaboration 8.4

Urban Collective For Both Interior And Fashion

“…A design collective of young and ambitious designers, Urban Collective’s core collection features various collaborations with other designers, for example Raul Magdaleno…”

The MUJJO Phone Case 9

MUJJO Accessories For Everyday Needs

“…Given a grand introduction as being a brand that raises the bar in personal accessories, it is only in Mujjo’s natural DNA to produce something good. Very good…”

The LAYER x NIO Pal Platform 8.1

The LAYER x NIO Automotive Platform

“…Through NOMI, PAL uses machine learning to become accustomed to a user’s routes over time and, eventually, become autonomous…”

The Future Of Cooking Is Here 8.4

The Future Of Cooking. Vertically

“…Titled the Ordine, such an appliance seems interesting beyond curiosity and introduces the idea of having wall-hanging induction-cooktops…”