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With an abundance of design-related ideas in society, cultural arts and places to discover, and topical ‘in the news’ discussion points to be had around the world, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

Iglut's Igloo Hotel Complex 8.3

Northern Lights’ Iglut Igloos

“…Located in Lapland, spending the night in Levin Iglut igloos is magical, and that’s not just because of the surprisingly spacious accommodation…”

Omni Revesz Street Cinema 8.8

Street Cinema At Venice Film Festival

“..Built using traditional Russian architectural details, the (Russian) pavilion has the ability to offer conferences, public screenings or artistic acts…”

Space-X Travels To Mars 9

(Mars) Aspirations of Space X

“…Dependent on Space X’s BFR spacecraft – which for the record stands for Big F*****g Rocket – it has been proposed that by 2022 we will see it’s first official Earth orbit…”

Sweden's Cabin Lifestyle In Nature 8.4

72 Stress-Free Hours In A Swedish Cabin

“…Supported by Sweden’s tourist board, the cabins are located on Henriksholm Island which is two hours north of Gothenburg city. An area of undulating hillsides and deep forests…”

The Honda EV Concept Car 7.5

Emotional Urban EV Honda Life

“…On show at the latest Frankfurt Auto Show, the new Honda Urban EV concept is touted as being electric and emotional…”

(wh)ore Haus Handcrafted Small Goods 7.1

Empowerment By (wh)ORE Haus Studios

“…A curated and refined collection of small goods, is there anything that LA (USA) based (wh)ORE HAüS Studios can’t manufacture?”

Community Rejuvenation Train Carriages 8.4

Danish Railway Rejuvenates Community

“…A set of train carriages that run along a disused track, it’s single-room hotel, public greenhouse and polling booths are some of the more curious functions…”

HearO Wimbledon Tennis Speakers 7.4

Wimbledon Fever Tennis Ball Speakers

“…We wouldn’t recommend throwing the HearO tennis ball speaker, or having a tennis rally with one, for obvious reasons…”

Rainbow Filters Pedestrian Lights of LA Pride Week 8

Creative LA Pride Pedestrian Signals

“…One such resident group took the (rainbow) limelight by simply placing the rainbow colourway pattern on all traffic lights around the city…”