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With an abundance of design-related ideas in society, cultural arts and places to discover, and topical ‘in the news’ discussion points to be had around the world, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

Basecamp Themed Hostel 8.6

The Filmset Designed Hostel Experience

“…Within a fantasy setting, each hostel room has been uniquely and authentically kitted out, all designed by famous film set designers…”

Morgan Freeman At B8 Auditorium Shoot

Morgan Freeman : The Calm Narrative

“…The world would probably be amazed even if Morgan Freeman narrated IKEA assembly instructions, or an Accountancy journal…”

Star Wars By Thomas Dagg 8

Star Wars x Thomas Dagg

“…Dagg’s imagination and manipulation skills to effortlessly synchronise the characters and vehicles are simply brilliant…”

A Movie Poster A Day 6.8

A Movie Poster A Day

“…Each artwork isn’t simply a copy and paste of the film’s cover photo, far from, but an alternative twist on the plot or characters…”

Google Maps By Aram Bartholl 7.5

Aram Bartholl : Google Maps

“…the installation questions the relationship between digital information and our daily lives, and the perception of any city…”