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Hayarden School For African Refugees 9.4

Impact Of Design On One Refugee School

“…To properly encourage friendship, engagement and togetherness. Most importantly above all else, no refugee should feel alone…”

New 3D Printed Recycling Initiative 9.1

Zero Waste Lab Plastic Initiative

“…Titled ‘The Zero Waste Lab’, such a scheme has been created in collaboration with Coca Cola and hopes to really revolutionise…”

The Flying Nest Hotel Accomodation 7.9

Flying Nest Around The World

“…A brand new concept by the world-renown hotel group AccorHotels, suchlike is all now a reality with their new ‘Flying Nest’, a kind of nomadic accommodation…”

Introducing ProxyAddress 9.4

ProxyAddress Aims To Combat Homelessness

“…ProxyAddress is a brand new database-driven scheme that aims to essentially connect homeless people with a physical address across England…”

Luken Plastic Free Furniture Concept 7.3

Luken Combatting Plastic Pollution

“…Luken has recycled up to 80,000 plastic bottles and the brand estimates circa 600 bottles are required for any one furniture unit…”

The Modular Home Of The Future 8.1

The Future Modular Home Concept

“…SLICE is a future-sustainable, people-centric, super-connected, self-contained, and highly-flexible ‘plug-n-play’ urban living concept…”

Introducing The Beautiful OHH Cha Bar 8.3

True Japanese Matcha At OHH Cha Bar

“…[We are] particularly excited for MUJI’s customers to experience matcha specially hand-picked for the event, offering the highest freshness possible to taste…”

Towards A Robotic Future With Uniqlo 7.8

The Opportunistic Robots Of Uniqlo

“…Released to the public in a press conference last week, in summation, 90% of the warehouse workforce has been entirely replaced by automation and robots…”

The Driverless Renault EZ Pro Go 8.5

Renault (EZ Pro) To Be Your Local Deliverer

“…Do you believe that the EZ Pro concept could truly contribute towards more immediate delivery and more importantly, less vehicles on the road?”

The Ocean Cleanup Removing Waste 8.9

The Ocean Cleanup Project Sets Sail

“…Beginning the Ocean Cleanup operation by setting off from San Francisco Bay (USA), the total length of the rubber barrier (ironic material choice, we know) is 600 metres long…”

The New New York Colour Factory 8

The Colour Factory Arrives In New York

“…Teaming up with some fantastic artists, creatives, designers and makers, The Colour Factory engages all of your senses in unexpected ways…”