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Flatpack Toaster Design 7.5

Circular Economy Flatpack Toaster

“…A toaster that can easily be repaired or broken down by way of it’s flatpack design. Yes, a flatpack toaster…”

Casusgrill Biodegradable Grilling 7.4

Environmentally Conscious BBQ Casusgrill

“…A traditional BBQ is all very well and good, but this new invention by Casusgrill might just make you think twice about their usage…”

Children Playing With Earthtiles 7.3

Creative Kids Play (For Adults)

“…Named Earthtiles, this play design is modern and simple and consists of geometric tiles that magnetise to one another…”

Dell Wireless Charging PC In Detail 7.8

World First Wireless Charging (Dell) Laptop

“…Named the Latitude 7285, the laptop is aimed at becoming the on-the-go solution for professionals looking for an even greater improved user experience…”

The Michelin Bikesphere 7.1

Improve Bike Safety With Bikesphere

“…Should a car be approaching, Bikesphere’s laser light will intensify to alert both the cyclist and the driver…”

HearO Wimbledon Tennis Speakers 7.4

Wimbledon Fever Tennis Ball Speakers

“…We wouldn’t recommend throwing the HearO tennis ball speaker, or having a tennis rally with one, for obvious reasons…”

Make Your Own Makerball Pinball DIY Machine 6.1

DIY Pinball Wizard (Game)

“…The customisable Makerball allows you to design your very own pinball game and we wonder, would you go for easy, difficult or insane level?”

llun Motif Paperclips 8.8

Organise With Turkish Llun Paperclips

“…Entirely enjoyable, Llun’s cleverly designed paperclips are perhaps one of those ‘essential small things’ that we all need…”

Less Is More Native Union Apple Charging Dock 7.8

Native Union Designs Minimalist Dock

“…Sleek and minimal, Native Union’s charging docks are a beautiful geometric design that offers a huge amount of versatility in charging…”

The M4 Mac Phone Screen By Elago 8

Nostalgic Mac iPhone Stand From Elago

“…the Elago design is ideal for watching films with the phone in it’s horizontal position, you can even pair to a keyboard for hands-free use…”

The PLUMA Bike In Detail 6.1

Pluma Bike Hails Pro Track Speed

“…Titled PLUMA after the Portuguese word for ‘feather’, this track bike is everything a feather boasts…”