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Klemens Schillinger Smartphone Addiction Replicable Objects 8.4

Addicted To Your Smartphone? A Solution

“…Helping smartphone ‘addicts’ overcome their withdrawal symptoms, the stimulation of ‘pretending’ to use a smartphone…”

Inside The Caavo TV Console Box 8.5

The Caavo Box For All TV Needs

“…Simply connect each of your devices into Caavo and press (or speak) for your favourite show or most recently played game…”

Unique Pampshade Lights In Bread 7.3

(Real) Bread Lights Of Pampshade

“…Named ‘Pampshade’, the designs feature a charismatic and unique lighting idea; lights in bread of course…”

The BlackBerry KEYone Smartphone 8.5

Smartest of 2017: Blackberry KEYone

“…Yet one smartphone that has continued to shine in 2017 is Blackberry’s new KEYone. I thought Blackberry were no more, we hear you cry…”

The Modern Era Polaroid Camera 9

New Tech Of The Vintage Polaroid

“…Inspired by the original OneStep camera of 1977, the new Polaroid OneStep 2 is a much updated analogue instant camera for today’s consumer…”

Technics Future Age Turntable 6.9

Technics Vinyl Playing Innovation

“…Technics is a company entirely synonymous with turntable-sourced music making, and their new design is the latest in vinyl player makers…”

Oasis Full Of Desk Planters 7.9

Oasis Office Planters For Any Dull Desk

“…Named an Oasis, the composition of these desk plants could be everything of one, adding plant growth in an otherwise non-inhabitable space…”

OClean Toothbrush Technology 7.8

Data-Driven (OClean) Toothbrushing

“…A new health experience, the OClean One’s toothbrush’s cleaning modes, intensities and duration are each controllable via a smartphone app…”

LIGA Gradient Furniture 7.1

Experimental LIGA Gradient Objects

“…The LIGA design range includes storage furniture, a box, a bedside and a coffee table, and these everyday objects draw their identity by a colour game…”

(wh)ore Haus Handcrafted Small Goods 7.1

Empowerment By (wh)ORE Haus Studios

“…A curated and refined collection of small goods, is there anything that LA (USA) based (wh)ORE HAüS Studios can’t manufacture?”