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Pesi Wireless Charging Of Everyday Objects 7.9

Pesi Wireless Charging Homeware

“…Designing a full range of homeware products, South Korean based Pesi have created a range in which attempts to rid smartphone users of wires and cables, period…”

The 90 FUN Autonomous Puppy 1 Suitcase 7.1

Puppy-like Suitcase Goes Autonomous

“…The largest lifestyle brand of the mi ecosystem – 90 FUN – has embarked on a new design path: autonomously moving luggage…”

Coding With The Pip Game 8.5

Favourite Pip Coding x ‘Gaming’ Console

“…In order to make Pip as accessible to everyone as possible, the inventors have made Pip compatible with components that are readily available in shops…”

The Zanco Tiny T1 Phone 8.1

The Zanco Tiny T1 Super-Small Phone

“…Smart in every way except offering actual smart functions, the Zanco ‘Tiny T1’ is so much more than just a cute one-off concept idea…”

Garmin GPS x Amazon Alexa 7.8

Garmin GPS x Amazon Alexa

“…Garmin and Amazon’s Alexa (speaking) ‘robot service’ have been paired together to became a project that aims to retain the merits of the trusty satnav…”

Inside The Life Clock Emergency Kit 8.4

Saving Lives With The Clock of Life

“…A normal time-telling device by any means, we mean, it tells the time, right, this simple ‘Life Clock’ is really quite ingenious…”

QM Weather Checking Device 7.8

Telling The QM Weather (From Indoors)

“…A collaboration between Quantum and Kooyox, the QM Weather Device operates via the new Internet of Things (IoT) trend…”

Instrumentum Toolset 7.8

Instrumentum Toolset For The Novice User

“…The fantastically ergonomic designs of Instrumentum’s tools are certainly a cut above any retail-park’s home DIY store basics…”

Klemens Schillinger Smartphone Addiction Replicable Objects 8.4

Addicted To Your Smartphone? A Solution

“…Helping smartphone ‘addicts’ overcome their withdrawal symptoms, the stimulation of ‘pretending’ to use a smartphone…”

Inside The Caavo TV Console Box 8.5

The Caavo Box For All TV Needs

“…Simply connect each of your devices into Caavo and press (or speak) for your favourite show or most recently played game…”