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DIY Tea Lights 8.1

DIY Instant Tea Light Holders

“…The tea holder could be a really cool design quirk for your kitchen table, lounge, balcony or anywhere else you see fit…”

The Minimalist Indent Speaker 8

The User Customisable Indent Speakers

“…The Indent speaker is termed as such as the body offers four indentations, each with a user-programmed playlist or radio station…”

The Pixel Vision Device 8.5

Pokemon Go Beaten By Pixel Vision

“…Pixel Vision will surely be loved by the dedicated gamer, as much as the nostalgic enthusiast and the curious…”

Pent Gym Apparatus In The Home 8.4

Gym Equipment Sees Walnut Upscale

“…With upscale materials, PENT. is more than just exercise equipment and is more ‘functional furniture’…”

Creative Gifts By Suck UK 9.4

Comical And Witty Gifts Of High Creativity

“…Ever found yourself perhaps down at work on a dull day, or bored while relaxing at home(?); Suck UK will certainly have a gift of comical interest…”