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The Levitating Vinyl Player 8.1

Levitating Vinyl Player Of Floating Sound

“…Mag-Lev have been able to metaphorically and literally integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design itself…”

LEGO Hat Hair Helmet 7.9

The Awesome LEGO Safety Helmet

“…These LEGO helmets will be as much adored by children as they will be quirky young adults or reminiscent mature adults…”

The Minimalist Ensso Pen 7.4

Minimal Ensso Pen Of Dual Function

Pens really are the excitement of the personal study, and having recently featured the fantastic minimalist pens by…

Totallee Phone Case 8.6

Slim iPhone Cases That Bulk Your Style

“…Offering three different iPhone case products in various different colours, Totallee cases range from 0.06″ thick to 0.02″ thick…”

New Branding Of Snap Inc 7.5

Spectacles To Create Snap Memories

“…Spectacles is part of Snap Inc’s projects and the pair of connected sunglasses allow people the world over to film their surroundings…”

The Ico Bottle Opener 8.4

Bottle Opening (Pushing) Boundaries

“…Named the Ico Bottle Opener and available in black oxidised steel, the studio are continuing to push the boundaries of metalwork…”

Faber Castell Karl Lagerfeld Collaboration 7.5

Lagerfeld Meets Faber Castell Pencils

“…With a combination of Lagerfeld’s style and Faber Castell’s timeless sophistication, the Karlbox is a luxury piece of kit…”

The Clou Table Design 7.9

Clou Coffee Table Of Pinpoint Detail

“…Yasmine’s Clou coffee table is really quite awesome. An object that is more the shape of a pin (or nail) than a traditional table of four legs…”

Grovemade Speaker 8.5

Luxury Grovemade Speakers Hit High Note

“…The simplified speaker system takes everything back to basics but continues to exhibit that all so exciting Grovemade flair…”