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The Bamford Mulliner Bentley Collaboration 8

Bamford x Bentley Mulliner Car

“…Turning their attention to Bentley cars, it is clear that the Bamford designers are equally capable on larger, movable objects too…”

The Empowerment Plan Coat 8.5

EMPWR Jacket For Homeless Employment

“…The Empowerment Plan has provided employment to 34 homeless individuals and distributed over 15,000 coats to those in need across North America…”

The Mono Lamp 7.4

Mono Lamp Of An Iconic TV Era

“…A symbol of a dominant era in TV history, and with such in mind, Forgacs has gone about to design the Mono Lamp…”

Apple Flip Phone 7.3

Apple Flip Phone Achieves Patent

“…Apple has been granted a patent for a retro-style flip phone that will feature an OLED screen display. Big news…”

iMac Full Of Plants 8.4

More Than Just Apple(s) Macintosh

“…Guinet’s integration of exotic botanical species with apple computers has combined to be a careful manipulation of lush greenery…”

The Bandit9 Eve Bike 8.1

The Liquid Black Bandit9

“…Synonymous with bandit9, the simplicity of it’s form and svelte-like design has become iconic and instantly recognisable…”

Nike+ For Apple Watch 7.9

Nike+ Sprints For Apple Watch

“…With the core idea of the Apple Watch Nike+ to strip away anything that’s a distraction to the runner…”

Nissan Hotdesking 8

The eHotdesk Workspace Van

“…The converted workspace van also now sets a precedent for the potential of mobile hot desking…”

Motochimp In The Urban Context 8.4

The Inner Chimp Of Urban Mobility

“…Motochimp is highly eco-friendly, fashionable and arguably a step toward the design of the antidote to traditional urban transport…”

The PIK A6 Printer 7.8

PIK A6 Printer Of High Convenience

“…A sublimation photo printer, the PIK A6 enables the user to print high-quality prints in the fastest possible way…”

Weather Teller Glass Cube 7.1

To Innovatively Tell The Weather

“…An entirely new and innovative way of reading the weather. Certainly an upgrade on the creative front…”