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Pesi Wireless Charging Of Everyday Objects 7.9

Pesi Wireless Charging Homeware

“…Designing a full range of homeware products, South Korean based Pesi have created a range in which attempts to rid smartphone users of wires and cables, period…”

The Zanco Tiny T1 Phone 8.1

The Zanco Tiny T1 Super-Small Phone

“…Smart in every way except offering actual smart functions, the Zanco ‘Tiny T1’ is so much more than just a cute one-off concept idea…”

Garmin GPS x Amazon Alexa 7.8

Garmin GPS x Amazon Alexa

“…Garmin and Amazon’s Alexa (speaking) ‘robot service’ have been paired together to became a project that aims to retain the merits of the trusty satnav…”

Inside The Life Clock Emergency Kit 8.4

Saving Lives With The Clock of Life

“…A normal time-telling device by any means, we mean, it tells the time, right, this simple ‘Life Clock’ is really quite ingenious…”

Moncler x Craig Costello Across Hong Kong 7.4

Moncler x Craig Costello x Hong Kong

“…With each of the Moncler x Craig Costello statuettes handpainted, adding to the eye-catchy-ness of their beards and metallic puffer jackets…”