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Towards A Robotic Future With Uniqlo 7.8

The Opportunistic Robots Of Uniqlo

“…Released to the public in a press conference last week, in summation, 90% of the warehouse workforce has been entirely replaced by automation and robots…”

The Driverless Renault EZ Pro Go 8.5

Renault (EZ Pro) To Be Your Local Deliverer

“…Do you believe that the EZ Pro concept could truly contribute towards more immediate delivery and more importantly, less vehicles on the road?”

The New Stamford Neutral Tones Of Ro Skincare 8.4

Stamford’s New (Beautiful) RÖ Skincare

“…When considering the stress-busting ailments and treatments there are to experience, SATORI & SCOUT truly recommend a visit to RÖ…”

The Ocean Cleanup Removing Waste 8.9

The Ocean Cleanup Project Sets Sail

“…Beginning the Ocean Cleanup operation by setting off from San Francisco Bay (USA), the total length of the rubber barrier (ironic material choice, we know) is 600 metres long…”

New Project Full Meditation Cushions 7.4

Meditation x Modern Design Cushions

“…Project Full’s focus is a fusion of modern design, simplicity, ethical production and sustainable materials…”

Pikaplant Indoor Plants 8.4

Greener Living With Pikaplant

“…Pikaplant is an interpretation of a bottle garden or closed terrarium, mimicking natural high-humidity biotopes…”

The New New York Colour Factory 8

The Colour Factory Arrives In New York

“…Teaming up with some fantastic artists, creatives, designers and makers, The Colour Factory engages all of your senses in unexpected ways…”

The Sydney Paramount House Hotel 8.3

The Paramount House Hotel, Former Warehouse

“…The Paramount House Hotel (aptly named) occupies the famous film studio’s (former) office building in addition to it’s adjacent (conveniently empty) warehouse…”