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With awesome home solutions from the best-minded brands around to the most useful of quality furniture ideas, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

Floating Oak Bookshelf 7.4

Floating Colombian Book Shelf

“…A svelte timber skeleton frame that has the ability to support shelves that seem to float mid-air…”


Natural Wood Furniture Essentials

“…Based in such a creative environment, Buchholz Berlin is no different, with the team always wanting to be novel in idea…”

The Silko Kitchen 8.5

Complete Silko Kitchen For Your Home

“…Whether you are member of a huge family, or just cooking for one, the Silko Evolution Kitchen design evolves with it’s owner…”

Nils Holger Moormann Bedside Doggy Bed 7.6

The Pooch Flat Pack Bed Set

“…Nils Holger Moormann have the intention of launching several small, medium and large Kläffers in the future…”


The Aqueous Dual-Function Planter

“…This numbered edition aqueous wall planter is certainly a design that fits well within the minds of SATORI & SCOUT’s fans and readers…”

The On Table Of Minimalism 8.3

The Messy Cable Table Of Simple Solution

“…The On Table, a piece of furniture that allows for every cable to be subtly hidden away while leaving your devices minimalistically resting…”

Your Garden Grass Seat 7.8

Grassy Armchair Of Terra Origin

“…Designed by Studio Nucleo, you really can connect with landscape and create your own meaningful intervention beneath the surface…”

The Kumo Chair Of Clouds 7.6

Japanese Designed Cloud Chair

“…Of hammock (or sling?) inspiration, the harmoniously comfortable Cloud Chair certainly looks very good…”

Isolate Fish Tanks 7.4

Isolate Fish Tanks Of Minimal Elegance

“…Aptly named Isolate, the aquariums allow any fish-fanatic to enjoy their self-contained and personalised miniature environment…”

The Sati Tala Table 8.3

Sati Tala Table For Meaningful Eating

“…Sati Tala in ancient Pali language means ‘a mindfulness surface’, and the table is certain to enhance intimacy between any couple…”