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Adjustable Mood Lighting By Ross Gardam 6.9

Soothing Ross Gardam Pivot Light

“…These wall lamps by Ross Gardam can create these soothing eclipse-like effects that are weirdly rare to find…”

The Kvan Clothes Storage and Sidetable 7.9

Turquoise Scandinavian Furniture

“…Whether a permanent storage unit or laundry bag, a temporary bed rest or clothes store, Kvan’s designs are certainly wonderfully coloured and styled materialistically…”

Duo Mirror Computer 8.3

Duo Smart Mirror Of Many Features

“…Described as a mission control for your home, the Duo Smart Mirror is an AI computer as much as it is a mirror…”

The LeGrow Modular Flower Pot 8

LeGrow Modular Plant Greenery

“…Marketing itself as ideal in office spaces, libraries and universities abound, might LeGrow plant pots really be the (plant) growth of the future..?”

Kokili Projects Mary Flower Vase 7.5

Kokili Vase For Friend Mary

“…The Kokili Projects’ contemporary circular vase accentuates the beauty that the flower possesses, yet also doesn’t command much of a space in doing so…”

Beosound Speakers Of Minimal Design 8.3

Bang & Olufsen Shape Experience

“…Named the BeoSound Shape, the modular hexagonal speaker system has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the modern lives and homes of its listeners…”

Modular Air Planter 7.5

Geometric and Modular Air Planters

“…The Modular Air Planter has been designed to counter all it’s limitations. With no material required and the air plants easy to tend…”

The Ollie Chair 7.5

The Space Saving Ollie Chair

“…The Ollie Chair is versatile, follows form follows function principles and is set to be adopted by designer’s at large…”