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Orijeen Color-Flow Colour-Changing Furniture 7.9

Orijeen Color-Flow Gradient Furniture

“…Chameleon-esque furniture, the furniture is well-placed in the design studio’s roster of human-product-relationship pieces…”

JLA Hi-Fi As A Shelving Unit 7.8

Bi-Functional Tech x Furniture Hi-Fi

“…Named the M.1, the speaker design by JLA perfectly creates great sound whilst also being a clean, clutterless furniture unit…”

Miniature Cat Furniture Creations 7.4

Miniature Cat Furniture

“…A series of scaled-down versions of everyday furniture in a bid to satisfy cat’s most curious needs: sleep…”

Pium Scent Diffuser Around The Home 7.4

Pium’s Automated Scent Diffusion

“…Pium’s new smart diffuser is a new invention that combines Internet of Things with your favourite aromatherapy scents…”

Rowen & Wren Industrial Home Accessories 6.6

Industrial Rowen & Wren Hardware

“…Industrially striking, throughout Rowen & Wren’s collections are tableware, furniture, kitchenware accessories, lighting and soft furnishings…”

BRID Air Purifier In The Contemporary Home 6.6

Cleaning Urban Dweller’s BRID Air

“…BRID have developed a modular ‘ozone-free photocatalytic’ version that essentially makes replacement filters redundant…”

Oasis Full Of Desk Planters 7.9

Oasis Office Planters For Any Dull Desk

“…Named an Oasis, the composition of these desk plants could be everything of one, adding plant growth in an otherwise non-inhabitable space…”

Fast Food Furniture Sofa Design 5.6

Fast Food (Non-Edible) Sofas By Seletti

“…Fast food was available not just in the food aisles with Seletti and Studio Job both seeing the lighter side of furniture design…”

LIGA Gradient Furniture 7.1

Experimental LIGA Gradient Objects

“…The LIGA design range includes storage furniture, a box, a bedside and a coffee table, and these everyday objects draw their identity by a colour game…”