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With awesome home solutions from the best-minded brands around to the most useful of quality furniture ideas, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

Introducing Grafeiphobia Office Furniture 7.3

Grafeiphobia, The Fear Of Desks

“…The importance of movement as much as his designed Grefeiophobia furniture, and it is recommended that all sorts of furniture options are used throughout any one day…”

Sculptural Forms By Swisspearl 7.1

Add Flair With Sculptural Outdoor Furniture

“…Giving you that minimal, well-curated and high-quality aesthetic, mix and match each Swisspearl furniture piece so that your garden can really pop…”

Introducing The Instrmnt A Series Clock 7.4

The Simple Instrmnt A-Series Wall Clock

“…A design studio through and through, Instrmnt make quality industrial goods that are accessible to all, and these wall clocks are no different to any wristwatch of theirs…”

Introducing The Helm Server Hut Box 8.4

Owning Your Data : The Helm Server

“…A home server to meet the demands of today’s society, Helm is a personal, private email server that won’t ever share your data…”

The Simplicity Of The Sculptural FLOS Light 7.9

Sculptural FLOS Light, A Floating Halo

“…Titled Wirering, such a minimalist light design is an exercise in reduction: stripped-back to its most essential components, the lamp delivers the most with the least…”

The New Anglepoise Mini Lamp 7.5

The Super Cute Anglepoise Mini

“…All the performance and designer flair that you’d expect from the Anglepoise brand, such a small design object stands at half the size of the brand’s standard desk lamp…”

The New Herston Desk Lamp 7.3

Simplicity Of The Herston Desk Lamp

“…Delicately engineered to allow smooth and effortless adjustment to any position, the Herston Desk Lamp is a beautiful design and entirely self-balancing…”

New Project Full Meditation Cushions 7.4

Meditation x Modern Design Cushions

“…Project Full’s focus is a fusion of modern design, simplicity, ethical production and sustainable materials…”