Health & Wellbeing

With a rise in good-health and wellness suggestions from the tastiest of food and drink brands to the most enlighting of good-wellbeing brands, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

The Hometap Machine 7.4

Hopsy Home Tap Of Your Favourite Ales

“…With sufficient storage for four pints, the Hopsy HomeTap device not only gives you the joy of pulling your own beer each time…”

OK Bouquet's Artisan Flower Arrangement 8.8

Nature’s Luxuries By OK Bouquet

“…The longer the flower stem, the better the quality. The quality is fantastic and they’re still brightening our studio to this day…”

Pent Gym Apparatus In The Home 8.4

Gym Equipment Sees Walnut Upscale

“…With upscale materials, PENT. is more than just exercise equipment and is more ‘functional furniture’…”

Collected Coffee From All Over The World 8

Your Passport To Coffee Of The World

“…With blind taste testing and experimental brewing across a range of coffee-making methods, Collected Coffee aim to always keep the coffee quality consistent…”

The Mygdal Plant Lamp 7.9

Plant Lamps Shine Nature In Darkness

“…Plants play a major art in our day to day lives, and the cleverness of this little Mygdal plant design is really aspirational…”