Health & Wellbeing

With a rise in good-health and wellness suggestions from the tastiest of food and drink brands to the most enlighting of good-wellbeing brands, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

Dinara Kasko 3D Cutting Cake Layers 7.9

Geometric Layer Cake By Dinara Kasko

“…Manufactured/handmade via 3D-printing technology, Kasko’s art inspired cakes are described by her as geometrical kinetic tarts…”

OClean Toothbrush Technology 7.8

Data-Driven (OClean) Toothbrushing

“…A new health experience, the OClean One’s toothbrush’s cleaning modes, intensities and duration are each controllable via a smartphone app…”

Mobile Bike Share Farm 7.6

Mobile Bike Share Farms

“…Addressing the compact living lifestyle or urban places, where does one grow plants if not on the ground in acres of space, or on a static wall?”

The Ally Food Tester Device Kit 6.6

Novel Tester For Food Intolerance

“…The small tester device, called Ally after allergen and friends, is clever enough to detect whether harmful ingredients are present…”

Hut Gin Trolley Around The Office 7.9

Gin And Tonic Serving Architect Studio

“…For London-based (UK) architectural practice HÛT, this moveable gin trolley is a welcomed addition to its office furniture…”

Craft Cocktail Making Pour Over Idea 7.1

Crafted Pour Over Cocktail Making

“…Designed by some top mixologists and creative furniture designers, TWIST is both imaginative and engaging…”

The Drop By Drop Filtration System 8

Lifestyle Changing Home Filtration System

“…Named Drop by Drop, the system is home to plants within a glass dome, where pipes enable an input of water to then be purified and finally, collected…”

Brandless Transparently Branded Goods 7.5

Brandless Without The BrandTax

“…With their prices benchmarked to five major retailers, Brandless focusses on everyday essentials…”

Selection of Craft Metropolis Craft Beers 8.4

Curated Craft Beer By Craft Metropolis

“…Craft Metropolis scours the very best of London’s craft beer breweries and curates the most flavoursome and most awesome beers…”

Healthy Nectar Juice Big Bottles 8.5

Healthy Nectar Juice On Tap

“…With Nectar juice available by the big bottle, you can certainly aim to consume daily while benefitting from economies of scale…”