Health & Wellbeing

With a rise in good-health and wellness suggestions from the tastiest of food and drink brands to the most enlighting of good-wellbeing brands, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

Good Thing x Jasper Morrison Soap Project 7.3

Four Bars of (Jasper Morrison) Soap

“…A joint project with renown designer Jasper Morrison, this minimalist soap is everything form follows function…”

The New BLOK Gym In Shoreditch 8

Artistic BLOK Gym Opens In Shoreditch

“…A combination of carefully-selected materiality contrasts from concrete to fabric, glass to wood are used to echo London’s hectic lifestyle versus corners of calm and energy…”

Inside The Life Clock Emergency Kit 8.4

Saving Lives With The Clock of Life

“…A normal time-telling device by any means, we mean, it tells the time, right, this simple ‘Life Clock’ is really quite ingenious…”

Fine Fragrances On Show At Somerset House 8.9

Scented Somerset House 2017 Exhibition

“…As exhibited this year at Somerset House, London (UK), a new exhibition has been set up to showcase the changing role of scent in the 21st century…”

Bee's Favourite BEEPOT In The Garden 9

Bee’s Favourite Beepot Hotel

“…With each design safe and stylish nesting sites for solitary bees, the homes are the ideal bee environment…”

BRID Air Purifier In The Contemporary Home 6.6

Cleaning Urban Dweller’s BRID Air

“…BRID have developed a modular ‘ozone-free photocatalytic’ version that essentially makes replacement filters redundant…”