Health & Wellbeing

With a rise in good-health and wellness suggestions from the tastiest of food and drink brands to the most enlighting of good-wellbeing brands, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

The New Stamford Neutral Tones Of Ro Skincare 8.4

Stamford’s New (Beautiful) RÖ Skincare

“…When considering the stress-busting ailments and treatments there are to experience, SATORI & SCOUT truly recommend a visit to RÖ…”

The New MP02 Phone By Jasper Morrison And Punkt 8.6

The Punkt MP02 With A Mindful Focus

“…With the recent launches of the Apple iPhone Xs, do you have a preference between the two – one, super connected, the other, much less so? Read on to discover the Punkt MP02…”

New Project Full Meditation Cushions 7.4

Meditation x Modern Design Cushions

“…Project Full’s focus is a fusion of modern design, simplicity, ethical production and sustainable materials…”

Pikaplant Indoor Plants 8.4

Greener Living With Pikaplant

“…Pikaplant is an interpretation of a bottle garden or closed terrarium, mimicking natural high-humidity biotopes…”

Koku NYC Ice-Cream Superfood 8

Cultured Coconut Cream By Koku NYC

“…Koku NYC is a soft serve yogurt-cum-ice-cream that is allergen-friendly, hydrating, super photogenic and tasty…”

The Beautiful Recolte Skincare 8.4

Sustainable Récolte Of Nostalgic Branding

“…With products to match the superior branding identity, Récolte’s nomadic typeface and colourway are really quite refreshing in today’s age of information overload…”

Drive Coffee As Fuel For Your Day 7.1

(Drive Coffee) Fuel For Your Morning

“…We often associate coffee as being caffeinated fuel, and so this brand – Drive Coffee – has taken this all very literally…”


Instantly Pour-Over Your (DripKit) Coffee

“…This little product launch by DripKit can make your introductory into the artisan method easier for the amateur, or all the more convenient for the experienced…”

Soma And Parley Sustainable Water Bottle 8.4

SOMA x Parley Upcycle Bottle Project

“…Available exclusively at Starbucks, this Soma x Parley bottle sleeve collaboration aims to reduce throw-away plastic water bottle usage…”

Nordic Spirit Lab Distilled Gin 8.8

Nordic Spirits Lab G.01 : Gin x Akvavit

“…Akvavit is the perfect companion to gin, upon which Nordic Spirits Lab’s G.01 is the perfect distilled hybrid of both gin and akvavit botanicals…”

Space 10 Ikea Foodstuffs Of The Future 8.1

(IKEA Lab) Food Of The Future

“…All of Space 10’s foodstuffs have been devised to feature ingredients only available sustainably, or are by-products of an existing production chain…”