Health & Wellbeing

With a rise in good-health and wellness suggestions from the tastiest of food and drink brands to the most enlighting of good-wellbeing brands, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

Tempo Connected Home Gym 7.9

Upgrade Your Home Workout With Tempo

“…The Azure Kinect camera tracks your movements and pares it down to 25 essential joints, whilst also tracking the motion of the barbell and dumbbells you’re using in real-time…”

Take A Recess Sparkling Water Variations 7.4

Take A Recess With Sparkling Water

“…Recess is a new water brand fresh out of the tap who are combining such an ingredient with various adaptogens to create sparkling water, and we have to say, the results are somewhat interesting…”

Introducing Seb Man 7.9

Seb Man : The New Brand For The Entrepreneur

“…Thinking outside the lines of their industry’s craft and following their own artistic ambition to the edge, Seb Man creates new possibilities for self-expression…”

Pinch Taste Testing By Steinbeisser Collaborators 7.4

Uniting Design, Gastronomy And Nature

“…Suchlike provides dinners that showcase contemporary cuisine at the highest of levels, wholeheartedly uniting design, gastronomy, and nature…”

Introducing The Personal Barber 8.5

The Personal Barber For Every Man

“…The Personal Barber is a brand which SATORI & SCOUT particularly enjoy and really do make the process of shaving that stubble, moustache et al. as enjoyable as possible…”

Introducing The Beautiful OHH Cha Bar 8.3

True Japanese Matcha At OHH Cha Bar

“…[We are] particularly excited for MUJI’s customers to experience matcha specially hand-picked for the event, offering the highest freshness possible to taste…”

The Terra Earthquake Alarm Project 8.5

Live-Saving With The Terra Alarm

“…Terra: a device that increases awareness and reduces panic in countries vulnerable to earthquakes…”

Graduate Indoor Houseplant Watering System 7

Busy Lives vs. Houseplants

“…In a playful attempt to see design combat real-life issues, such a watering system revives plants which are being neglected by their owners…”