Fashion & Accessories

With a curated selection of fashion and accessory brands offering all sorts of contemporary, minimalist and other styles, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

American Shinola Watches 8.5

The American Timekeeping Of Shinola

“…With huge investment in homegrown talent, hand-made manufacturing and ultimately jobs for American citizens, Shinola has made a difference to Detroit…”

RZR Shaving Ritual Razors 8.5

The Traditional Male Shaving RZR Ritual

“…With an aesthetic stripped down to its bare essentials, the razor looks as good as it works functionally. Of the highest aspirational minimalisms…”

Nike FlyKnit Design Studio 8.6

Nikes New Hackney Design Studio

“…Via the power of experimental design, it is such activities that Nike hope their new London-based creative unit will explore further…”

Shore Projects Nautical Watches 8.1

Go Fishing With Shore Projects

“…No matter which combination you chose, you should in theory always be adorned with something as fashionable as it is high-quality…”