Fashion + Accessories

With a curated selection of fashion and accessory brands offering all sorts of contemporary, minimalist and other styles, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

KOIO x Ben Medansky Sneakers 7.3

Limited Edition KOIO x Ben Medansky

“…Medansky, a ceramic artist, and KOIO, the luxury sneaker brand, have collaborated in the most subtle of ways to continue their forever-minimal style…”

The Skagen Falster Smartwatch 8.3

Skagen Falster Minimalwear x Android 2.0

“…The SKAGEN Falster smartwatch is both minimal and powerful as it offers decent negative space towards the gains of the consumer experience…”

Moncler x Craig Costello Across Hong Kong 7.4

Moncler x Craig Costello x Hong Kong

“…With each of the Moncler x Craig Costello statuettes handpainted, adding to the eye-catchy-ness of their beards and metallic puffer jackets…”

The Adidas Laceless Ultraboost 8.5

Laceless Ultraboosts By Adidas

“…Entirely seeking that minimalist profile for form follows function comfort, the laceless Ultraboost is quite simply a thing of innovative beauty…”

Handmaking Your Tod Gommino Shoe 8.3

Personalise Your Own Tods Gommino

“…Undertaken by Tod’s ‘My Gommino’ service, you can personalise all of your leather colours, insoles, stitching options…”

Inside Arket's London Store 8.5

Minimalist Arket Opens In London

“…Developed over two years, Arket isn’t particularly attuned to any season’s fashion trends, choosing to offer wardrobe and home essentials only…”

Detailing Of Hardgraft Goods 7.6

With Respect To Manual Craftsmanship

“…Hardgraft’s sense of craft and use of traditional techniques lend all their accessory pieces a soft, human touch…”