Curated to feature SATORI & SCOUT’s most refined architecture and home designs to give you inspiration for all your own projects, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle.

The Waterfront Kiss House 8.3

The Kissing of Canada’s Kiss House

“…Without any unwarranted frills or audacious design statements, this light-toned ‘Kiss’ home…simply features two volumes that meet and kiss in the loveliest of architectural manners…”

Floating Farmhouse of Modern Antiques 8.4

The Floating Farmhouse At Rural New York

“…Aptly named the Floating Farmhouse, many of the architectural features such as it’s wood floors, beams and sash windows are original…”

The Triangular House Patio 8.8

The Triangular Structure Of Calm

“…A house with a triangular back garden that sees it’s boundary walls come to a point has overthrown its gardens’ initial issues…”

Vipp Shelter Minimalist Aesthetics 7.4

Vipp’s Nature Hotel Experience

“…To get out of the city with all the necessities and nothing more. The shelter is the result of that dream. A pod of tranquillity designed as a large-scale Vipp product…”

Fantastically Minimal White Rooms 7.9

Overly-White Fantastically Light Home

“…Serving as the backdrop to every room in this home, white is undecidedly the colour of choice by this homeowner/architect, but is it too much..?”