Curated to feature SATORI & SCOUT’s most refined architecture and home designs to give you inspiration for all your own projects, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle.

Yin & Yang Total Sustainability Living 8.1

Yin & Yang Sustainable Living (Home)

“…Beyond the roof’s garden, the home’s layout is intertwined like a Yin and Yang symbol with one half of the symbol designated for living and the other for working…”

The Atrium House Of Nomadic Openness 7.9

Atrium House With Light Abundance

“…Titled ‘Atrium House’ by way of its entrance hall being its namesake, this home receives an abundance of light…”

Countryside Style Of The Modern London Home 7.4

London Borough Home Of Countryside Style

“…This modern home is wonderfully bright given its retention of the building’s original features. A former Victorian biscuit factory…”

The Woodhouse Satkol House 8.6

The Himalayan Woodhouse Satkol House

“…The Woodhouse Satkol house features a grandiose wooden mezzanine floor and the most skyline-piercing of double glazed skylights possible…”

Modern Georgian Townhouse Of Continued Perforations 7.8

The Perf House – Perforated, Not Perfect

“…Footpath paving lights repurposed to allow natural light and activity to connect the first two levels of the building – Perf(orated) House, delicate, yet bold…”


The Mylla Cabin Inspired By Hytte

“…This Mylla cabin is all about the simple life yet not without modern appliances and generous living space…”

As White As White Monocabin 8.1

The Livable Design Object : Monocabin

“…The Monocabin was conceived around exploring the intimate space of the individual in order to create the perfect summer getaway…”

Nomad Meet Minimalist Apartment 8.6

Nomadism x Minimalism In Brazil

“…Apartamento Av. Paulista combines minimalism and nomadism in a way that we have seen particularly growing in popularity over the years…”

The Slender Lake Boathouse 7.1

The Canadian (Slender) Boathouse

“…Named The Slender House, this split-storey bungalow is perched upon retaining walls to create the loveliest of site gradients…”