Curated to feature SATORI & SCOUT’s most refined architecture and home designs to give you inspiration for all your own projects, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle.

Portuguese Tree House 8.3

Pipe Dreams Of A Tree House

“…Did your family used to own a treehouse? If you didn’t, thats okay, you’re like 99.9% of the world…”

TubuHotel Concrete Tubes Hostel 7.5

Mexico’s Luxury Recycled Hostel

“…Positioned in a circular fashion with great common areas and a social environment, much like a Native Andean village would have been hundreds of years ago…”

MVRDV Mannheim Development 9.3

An Army Of Colourful Homes

“…with the sole intention to prevent gentrification or community isolation, this development seeks to be a model of the future…”

EVA Home Transformation 7.3

The Family Home Transformation

“…The inside has been completely stripped and rebuilt. It seems that quite literally, a new home has been built…”

Casa Malaparte Residence 7.9

The Italian Escape To Casa Malaparte

“…Far more compelling and sensual than any Middle Eastern home costing several million dollars. Price simply cannot match good design…”

The Floating Leisure House 8.3

The Floating Leisure House

“…Just imagine, sitting aboard the boat at night, perhaps teaching your children to write, wining and dining under the sunset, or snuggled together around the fireplace….”

Boutique Camping Hutte Hut 7.3

Boutique Camping : Hutte Hut

“…With a teardrop silhouette shape, and via precise architectural precision, the artisanal craftsmanship is there all to be seen…”