Architecture + House

With architecture and house inspiration from the calmest and most nomadic of Scandinavian settings to the busiest and most urban of American cities, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

The VeeTee Floating Structure 7.9

Floating VeeTee For Fire & Warmth

“…The three floating structure VeeTee combination offers a place of shelter, a place for fire and a sauna…”

Inside The Industrial Home 8.6

Industrial Home Of Copper And Arches

“…The client wanted the architecture to be a backdrop that facilitated that aspirational everyday living that SATORI & SCOUT equally strives for…”

The Paris Finnish Koti Idea 7.1

Finnish Koti Cottages In French Capital

“…Koti is taking place in the heart of Paris over 100 days, and has the aim of celebrating the traditional Finnish cottage (Aitta)…”

McKee's NYC Loft 7.6

New York Apartment Of Brightness

“…All of its partitions made full height and vast windows have been installed along it’s street-facing openings and in the angled skylight…”

The Avava Small Home 8.1

Avava Small Home Of Britespace

“…Transported in flat boxes, upon arrival of the Britespace, the home owner can expect an assembly time of less than two months…”

Your Garden Grass Seat 7.8

Grassy Armchair Of Terra Origin

“…Designed by Studio Nucleo, you really can connect with landscape and create your own meaningful intervention beneath the surface…”