Architecture + House

With architecture and house inspiration from the calmest and most nomadic of Scandinavian settings to the busiest and most urban of American cities, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle of SATORI & SCOUT.

The Skinny House At Hommachi 8.4

Narrow Home As Japanese Precedent

“…The House at Hommachi features a multitude of open-plan spaces, split-levels, skylights and bedrooms, and without a single corridor in the entire home…”

A Kodama Zome 8.3

Garden Relaxing In A Kodama Zome

“…The Kodama Zomes can be used in several ways: as a bed, love seat, private reading place or makeshift hammock…”

The MMMMMS Home 7.4

Intimate Spanish Home Of Large Volume

“…Offering a relationship between the indoor and outdoor like that of farm storage, the MMMMMS home is very much influenced by a warehouse…”

The Melides Holiday Home 8.5

Home Of Relative Isolation In Portugal

“…The home consists of four separate structures and via the lack of neighbouring houses offers unobstructed views of the vast ocean seas…”

Scenic La Maison Haute 8.6

La Maison Haute In The Landscape

“…La Maison Haute offers an oversized window wall with terrifically expansive views of the scenic terrain…”

The Quiet Elizabeth II Home 8.4

A Quiet Family Home Of Loud Noise

“…The intention of shielding the property from the sound of the village is really quite unique as the project’s core focus…”