Architecture & Culture

Curated to feature our favourite architecture and home ideas to a selection of colourful and diverse travel and culture ideas, SATORI & SCOUT shares our aspirational lifestyle.

The Slender Lake Boathouse 7.1

The Canadian (Slender) Boathouse

“…Named The Slender House, this split-storey bungalow is perched upon retaining walls to create the loveliest of site gradients…”

The Waterfront Kiss House 8.3

The Kissing of Canada’s Kiss House

“…Without any unwarranted frills or audacious design statements, this light-toned ‘Kiss’ home…simply features two volumes that meet and kiss in the loveliest of architectural manners…”

The Triangular House Patio 8.8

The Triangular Structure Of Calm

“…A house with a triangular back garden that sees it’s boundary walls come to a point has overthrown its gardens’ initial issues…”