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Curated to feature our favourite architecture and home ideas to a selection of colourful and diverse travel and culture ideas, SATORI & SCOUT shares our aspirational lifestyle.

Casaplata Pastel Hues and Concrete 8.6

Concrete x Pastel Hues At Casaplata

“…Avoiding Seville’s commonplace nostalgia where other restaurants are always looking for a historical revival from the past, Casaplata is about looking for their own singular image…”

New Yorks CW Pencil Enterprise 8

The Pencil Purists : CW Pencil Enterprise

“…CW Enterprise, a small store that specialises in graphite and wooden utensils, available in absolutely every colour and size, country of origin and pricetag possible…”

Berlins Instagram-Perfect Kantini Food Court 8.5

Kantini Food Court Oh’So Instagrammable

“…Designed by Studio Aisslinger, the Kantini food court – essentially what it is – is a fantastic array of jungle foliage, chic furniture and coffee drinkers…”

Nomad Meet Minimalist Apartment 8.6

Nomadism x Minimalism In Brazil

“…Apartamento Av. Paulista combines minimalism and nomadism in a way that we have seen particularly growing in popularity over the years…”

The Slender Lake Boathouse 7.1

The Canadian (Slender) Boathouse

“…Named The Slender House, this split-storey bungalow is perched upon retaining walls to create the loveliest of site gradients…”