Curated to feature SATORI & SCOUT’s most refined architecture and home designs to give you inspiration for all your own projects, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle.

The Spanish Warehouse Home Conversion 9.8

Warehouse Conversion Of Spanish Beauty

“…With the most beautiful of sandy hues and white, and decorated with only the most vibrant of green plants, even the decor’s black furniture somehow complements the otherwise earthy-natural atmosphere…”

Home With Sliding Doors Entirely Opening Up A Space 8.6

The Ultimate Indoor Outdoor Home

“…This new home is the architect’s own and is particularly recognisable for it’s abundance of sliding doors to really introduce the outside in, and particularly sprawl the inside out…”

The Modern Rustic Appeal At The Palm Beach House 7.5

Beach House Of Rustic Luxuriousness

“…Every modern x rustic home doesn’t have to be so lavish, but this home is certainly on the inspiration ladder…”

Beautiful Quebec Home Of Industrial Charm 7.6

Modern Quebec Home In Black And White

“…Isn’t it quite nice how such a simple premise as having two colours as the primary design function creates such a relaxing-usable space without any particularly large intervention or change?”

A Sustainable Texas Hill Country House 9

Hill Country House That Satisfies The Archetype

“…With this home equally a delight in terms of rural architecture, the Hill Country House is a prototype for a sustainable rural community and serves as an example…”

The St John Street Warehouse 8.9

Warehouse Loft Of Utmost Design Honesty

“…The original building is there to be seen in all it’s glory and the only separating forms found across the building are a set of shuttered-concrete stacks…”

Nomadic Life In The Kumaon Hotel 9.4

Deep In India: The Kumaon Hotel

“…Given that each of The Kumaon Hotel’s places-to-stay are located separately and individually, such dispersion allows for all the perfect privacy…”

The Narrow Saint George House 8.1

Inside The Narrow Saint George House

“…Innovative by design to create a home with space and serenity rather than one that is knowingly narrow and compact, the The Saint George House’s plot measures just 6 metres wide x 60 metres long…”

Architectural Llines Of The Thai Fuzzy House 7.6

Fuzzy House Of Blurred Public Edges

“…This Fuzzy House by SO Architects is really worth understanding to illustrate to yourself that renovations and good architectural homes needn’t be super expensive…”