Curated to feature SATORI & SCOUT’s most refined architecture and home designs to give you inspiration for all your own projects, enjoy the aspirational lifestyle.

The Cover House In Japan 8.1

The Privacy Of A Chamferred Home

“…Located in Tokyo (Japan), the home is pretty much inward-looking with an exterior-facing living area…”

The Pure White Apartment 7.3

Minimalism Of The Menchuks Apartment

“…The Menchuks Apartment by Hrystia Koliasa is probably about the furthest limit that SATORI & SCOUT’s designers would ever contemplate…”

Barn Conservatory With Awesome Views 8.9

Impressive Off-Grid Conservatory House

“…The central double-ended glazed conservatory is as much the inward-facing heart and soul, cosy and warm centre of the home as it is the exterior-addressing hallway core…”

The New Zallinger Cabins 8.6

The Semi-Insulative Zallinger Refuge Cabins

“…What most caught SATORI & SCOUT’s eyes is the chalet’s cladding, blocks of wood that are seemingly more like a semi-complete Tetris game than a solid, insulative method…”

The Brick Shell Concrete Home 7.8

A Concrete Home, Brick Warehouse

“…The glaring difference between the cool white of the concrete and the sandy brown of the brick is really quite apparent…”

Italian Alps Hillside Cabin 7.3

Views From The Italian Mountainside Cabin

“…Designed by architects Roberto Dini and Stefano Girodo of Politecnico di Torino, such a wonderfully simple structure can be found high (and tiny) up in the steep mountains…”

The Spanish Warehouse Home Conversion 9.8

Warehouse Conversion Of Spanish Beauty

“…With the most beautiful of sandy hues and white, and decorated with only the most vibrant of green plants, even the decor’s black furniture somehow complements the otherwise earthy-natural atmosphere…”

Home With Sliding Doors Entirely Opening Up A Space 8.6

The Ultimate Indoor Outdoor Home

“…This new home is the architect’s own and is particularly recognisable for it’s abundance of sliding doors to really introduce the outside in, and particularly sprawl the inside out…”