Zero Energy Home Of Minimalist Details

"...Titled Villa Slow, there is nothing slow-motion about this home as it progressively pioneers eco-friendly practices, becoming a really impressive home..."

Whilst SATORI & SCOUT is perhaps better known for swaying towards featuring new and future-thinking designs, be it homes, products or otherwise, herein is a really impressive example of a home which may appear as rural as feasibly possible, yet totally impressive in its progressive gains.

Designed by Laura Álvarez Architecture, this Spanish villa has been built upon the ruins of a former building, and despite this historic anchor, actually produces much more energy than it uses. Titled Villa Slow, there is nothing slow-motion about this home as it progressively pioneers eco-friendly practices, becoming a really impressive home worth all the media coverage it deserves.

Without any impact of the environment, the home achieves its credentials via both a heating system air-heat pump and high-quality insulation, both contributing towards highly effective energy efficiencies. It is widely known in the architecture circles that energy efficiency is best achieved with few ideas in action, whereby less is absolutely more in terms of doing things right, and well. Matching the few energy efficiency ideas to give net-gain energy output, the home’s aesthetic is equally simple and minimalist. Barn-like, this Spanish contextual home really hits the high notes in terms of looking and performing great.

Featuring oversized stone walls alongside idyllic-white walls, light-coloured timber and a slate roof, the SATORI & SCOUT team are finding hard what to appreciate more: the energy efficiencies or the casual-yet-formal decor within. Design-led features within the property to contribute towards better energy efficiency include high-performance glass windows and large full-height shutters, particularly useful in the hot summer and cold winter months.

With many of the rooms open plan in layout, the kitchen, living and dining area can all be found at the home’s core, offering perfect views outward over the beautiful countryside. With mezzanine levels in some of the rooms – as viewable in the gallery – and all service rooms hidden away, this home has been designed extremely well in terms of massing, layout and zones.

Complementing the home’s whiteness and natural aesthetic, all of the furniture is equally so. Classic yet contemporary, SATORI & SCOUT must fully applaud Laura Alvarez Architects for their job well done.


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Finding Peace Within Your Home

With the home without any standout or obnoxious features, everything about the space feels at peace. There are no two features trying to combat each other to take limelight of any situation, a feat. very much applaudable in today's age of architects trying to beat one another to the grandest of designs.

(Photography Credit : David Montero)

10 Design
8.5 Originality
8 Culturality
10 Context