Victorian Grove Example Of Modest Renovation

"...Introducing this house found in Victorian Grove, London (UK), the homeowners have done a fantastic job at modernising its internal spaces..."

SATORI & SCOUT are known for sharing our favourite contemporary homes, house renovations and discoveries, however we always take great pleasure when such a combination is of a home found within modest settings, particularly proving that all the inspiration that we share needn’t be inaccessible by budget. Of course not every house can boast a delectable sunset which is accessed via panoramic views from a balcony or garden, nor can it always be a locale found in a disused warehouse or mill, however, the modern renovation of any homeowner’s home can always be done in the most considered and budget-friendly of ways.

Introducing this house found in Victorian Grove, London (UK), the homeowners have done a fantastic job at modernising its internal spaces against the backdrop of what could be considered an average neighbourhood by all means. With houses reminiscent of 1960-1970s all around, such a home has complemented all it’s late-twentieth century proportions with elegant contemporary materials, colours and patterns (or lack of).

Featuring a compact open plan kitchen-diner space with solid oak parquet found throughout the kitchen, dining and living rooms, such a space beautifully opens out into a generous decked area and garden giving the home this amazing indoor-outdoor relationship. With little more than three trees in the garden to gaze upon – no sunset panoramas insight -, the kitchen’s beautiful concrete kitchen and the living room’s white walls complements the inside space so well. Such modernity continues through the home with the hallway and bathroom being a particular highlight with their simple materiality and even simpler colour palette. Featuring all sorts of mod-cons that would certainly not have been installed in the 1960s-1970s (such as wall-mounted radiators and a WiFi controlled Nest heating system), SATORI & SCOUT are hoping you can realise that most (all?) of the amazing houses spotted across the world can be achieved in the most standard of neighborhoods, no glamorous postcode is ever required.

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White Walls, Industrial Home

Why is it that the simple idea of mixing white walls and industrial furniture make a space so contemporary and rooted? Whilst some may say that modern industrial fittings make a space feel sterile and less homely, here is such an example of how this needn't be the case at all.

(Photography Credit : The Modern House)

7 Design
6.5 Originality
7 Culturality
9 Context

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