The Privacy Of A Chamferred Home

"...Located in Tokyo (Japan), the home is pretty much inward-looking with an exterior-facing living area..."

The prospect of a windowless home undoubtedly sounds horrific, perhaps instantly giving the impression of darkness and dinginess in a reclusive sort of environment, but this needn’t be the case. Okay, not entirely windowless by fact that there is, in fact, a ginormous window spanning the full width of this home, but opening out onto a concealed balcony, the home pretty much is entirely solid-sealed all the way around.

A giant void is what is most interesting about this home – and you might think, ‘rubbish home’ – however, such is the powerfulness of this very feature that this structure deserves to be high in SATORI & SCOUT’s interests. Located in Tokyo (Japan), the home is pretty much inward-looking with an exterior-facing living area.

Designed by Apollo Architects & Associates, lighting and privacy are the two main contributing factors to such a bold statement design. Located within a neighbourhood with which neighbours are sometimes too close for comfort, this home takes charge of the condition and makes it become a strength of character and design flair.

Greatly visible from the surrounding streets, this hidden balcony has done nothing to conceal itself from the eyes from beyond the four walls. Structural and aesthetic at the same time, the large opening brings in an abundance of natural light and makes the rather compact space feel that much more expansive.

Without any garden whatsoever, other spaces around the home, too, act as a private courtyard. Again with peacefulness and privacy on high agenda, as the architects admit, “…It’s hard to believe the street is just on the other side of the wall.”

The remainder of the home is as equally bold and modern as you might have imagined. You could perhaps argue that the home could be a bit more homely or minimalist, depending on the style you’re going for, however, we shall rank the home based on its courageous upper floor living area as that is certainly unique from what we’ve ever scouted. Could you live in – essentially – a box?

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The Glory Of The Box

A box is a wondrful thing, over simple in every way, but efficient enough to be ever-empowering in all that it does. Do you open up one side, the top, the bottom? The choice is yours, but this house seems to have opted for the upper top corner, as if a chamfer.

(Photography Credit : Masao Nishikawa)

8 Design
9 Originality
6.5 Culturality
9 Context

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