The Expandable Window For Urban Dwellers

"...An expandable window that has the ability to extend beyond the remit of your room's walls..."

As any urban dweller recognises and understands, space within the home is at a premium. A precious commodity in most circumstances, people are always trying to find neat solutions that are becoming available on the High Street and online, whether that’s storage or a compact piece of furniture. Whilst there are also various techniques to make your spaces feel larger than they are, such as having white walls and light decor, one novel way to make your apartment feel bigger is actually make it bigger.

The Sky pop-out window is a very neat solution and has been designed by Argentinian architect and designer Aldana Ferrer Garcia. This conceptual window is an expandable window that has the ability to extend beyond the remit of your room’s walls, and certainly gives urban dwellers that little bit of extra room. With a seat on it’s interior, the window can enable you to lean back and look up at the sky, or conversely swivel out into the open air and have a miniature balconette. Although just a concept, we are sure (and hoping) some of the world’s leading leading window makers will collaborate with the Aldana Ferrer Garcia and one day make this idea real and enter the marketplace. SATORI & SCOUT certainly know a few urban dwellers that could do with more room!

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Designer And Artist Collaborations

Passionate about cross-cultural design collaborations with local artisans around the world, Aldana Ferrer Garcia participated in projects like The Antigua Project in Guatemala, and hopefully this can be a sign of a collaboration for this...

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