Podlike Office Space Challenges Architectural Norms

"...Located in Los Angeles, such a Lighthouse space has been designed by architects Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice of Knowhow Shop..."

Just when you think that you’re already working in the coolest space in town, think again. Titled ‘lighthouse’ despite the space being very much not tall and thin – it does illuminate though(!) – this micro-building has been designed and built like a piece of furniture. With all kinds of typical details and assembly methods discounted in all trains of thought in favour of new methods of construction, such a little pod is really quite cool and unique.

Located in Los Angeles, such a Lighthouse space has been designed by architects Kagan Taylor and Justin Rice of Knowhow Shop and it is a project that aims to test our perceptions of space whereby not a single part of it is conventionally ‘off the shelf’ by any means. Featuring a door that has no right angles, a custom made skylight that marries traditional boat-building materials and with details inspired from a car sunroof, let alone considering the usage of unique materials that are more commonly found in the hardware of the film industry (and fabricated Structural Insulated Panels), everything is really quite compelling.

Without any middle contractor involved in the project, all typical methods of architectural production were ignored and the design team relied on the most experimental potential of their ‘design and build’ model. An office for Know How Shop’s own business, such a small and compact unit is a showcase of their crafting abilities and is an example of the huge potential within the rethinking of how ‘design and build’ projects can materialise.

A secret to share in the ‘lighthouse’ name actually referring to it’s weight and not it’s illumination, the unit is actually without foundations, perched on industrial casters. As such, the office space can even be transported elsewhere, how cool is that!

Discover more about the architects online at: KnowHowShopLA.com

How Cool Is Your Office Space?

Does your office space feature asymmetrical windows and details, and all sorts of weird angles and corners? SATORI & SCOUT are probably guessing that yours is much more boxlike...

(Photography Credit : Stephen Schauer)

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