Hill Country House That Satisfies The Archetype

"...With this home equally a delight in terms of rural architecture, the Hill Country House is a prototype for a sustainable rural community and serves as an example..."

Trying to achieve sustainability within a large sized building is all the more trickier than a smaller alternative and along with SATORI & SCOUT’s recent rural boundary-crossing Broombanks dwelling, our studio feels that these landscape-integrated homes are the winning tickets in terms of intelligent and contextual design. With this home equally a delight in terms of rural architecture, the Hill Country House is a prototype for a sustainable rural community and serves as an example to illustrate what could become a trend in being a self-sustaining rural home, almost independent of any municipal water and energy.

Located in Texas (USA) and designed by Miró Rivera Architects, this home is beautifully proportioned and boasts this fantastically jagged roof silhouette. Mimicking the undulating hills around, this modern interpretation of the farmhouse vernacular is an almost-sanctuary for people to find spiritual renewal. Super-clean in terms of design simplicity and colourways, the sculptural form is made of corrugated white metal panels which are interrupted by this beautifully contrasting and complementary warm cypress siding timber to which the interior’s rooms are illustrated within. Featuring a studio that doubles as a stage at gatherings several times a year and a front porch that addresses the landscape as if to welcome every single visitor, this home does everything right in being a local landmark.

Featuring all the public and private spaces of the home at it’s opposite ends, every single room boasts an abundant amount of natural light and has landscape views that are framed by their strategically placed windows. Entirely made from local materials, SATORI & SCOUT feel that the home is as rooted to it’s groundings as if it never were not there.

To achieve its sustainability, the home achieves a 4-star rating from Austin Energy Green Building, USA’s first green building program and the model for their future system. Boasting a 8kW solar array to supply 80% of annual energy usage, a geothermal system to provide all heating and cooling needs, and a 30,000 gallon rainwater collection system to satisfy all of the owner’s annual water needs. A refreshingly finite and simple number of sustainable tactics, less works more in delivering a home that really works.

A highly minimalist-feel home, the building was actually constructed on a modest budget and illustrates that good design needn’t cost the earth, monetarily or resourcefully. Entirely supplementing the local landscape in having cladding similar to that of the natural hues of the local vicinity, this home really gives SATORI & SCOUT a warm feeling towards good countryside architecture and is an archetype that ought to be done more.

Discover more about the architects online at: MiroRivera.com

Welcoming You Into The Home

Featuring a tranquil meditation room that boasts floor-to-ceiling windows and a porch that benefits from a 30-foot tall peak to give the space a backdrop to all entertainment, the home almost feels like a permanent show-place as much as someones place to sleep and live.

(Photography Credit : Paul Finkel)

9.5 Design
9 Originality
8 Culturality
9.5 Context

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