Casa Atrio, Inspired by France, Made In Australia

"...Complete with a small terrace behind the Casa Atrio home, you'd be forgiven for wanting to spend as much time outside as in..."

The French certainly know something about good quality interior design, don’t they? You’d be forgiven for thinking that such an interior might be found along a sweet Parisien boulevard, lined with beautiful trees, fountains and luxurious paving, but no, such a home can be found on the other side of the world, in Melbourne (Australia). It is great how design styles can transcend national barriers and influence others far, far away.

Designed by Biasol, this home titled Casa Atrio has the most amazing light well located at the centre of the home, whereby this Carlton neighbourhood terrace building simply oozes classic Parisien details. Abundant with brightly-lit spaces, it is the home’s frontage that is characterised by an in-your-face ornate parapet and iron lacework that particularly steals the limelight, but upon entering, everything else takes over your amazement.

As Jean-Pierre Biasol, architect of Biasol explains, “The [Italianate] style was unique to Melbourne when the city was fuelled by the prosperity and optimism of the gold rush late nineteenth-century. Casa Atrio thus pays tribute to the classical beauty of Italian architecture and romance of French design.”

With vistas down every hallway, quality materials on every furnishing and well-contrasted colours at every opportunity, it is little wonder that inspiration from France’s former centuries are referenced.

A rear living area competes with the small courtyard and the open plan kitchen for a slice of our attention, whilst wall panelling and window glazing ensures that our eyesight is locked on all the goodness. Complete with a small terrace behind the Casa Atrio home, you’d be forgiven for wanting to spend as much time outside as in. Entirely white, black and complete with various contrasting colours by way of quality furnishings, SATORI & SCOUT absolutely love what the designers have done with the interior to capture such a minimalistic yet detailed decor. 10/10.

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Look Left, Look Right, Look Everywhere

What would you give for this home? Drawing inspiration from Europe and crafted in Australia, it really is amazing how design inspiration can be drawn from one country to be enacted in another.

(Photography Credit : Derek Swalwell)

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