Beach House Of Rustic Luxuriousness

"...Every modern x rustic home doesn't have to be so lavish, but this home is certainly on the inspiration ladder..."

SATORI & SCOUT have featured quite a few minimalist interiors of late and today feel that it is necessary to pin all these down with a residence somewhat more vernacular and traditional in comparison. A transformation of an existing waterfront holiday villa in Palm Beach of Sydney (Australia), Palm Beach House boasts all sorts of traditional European vernacular goodness and explores all kinds of bespoke quality detailing, materiality and architectural framing. In summation of everything beautiful, the resulting home is one that SATORI & SCOUT is certainly fond of.

Designed by Australian studio Alexander & Co, the home is awash with all sorts of monochromatic colour schemes with the seafront taking centre stage as much as it becomes backstage to the residence in question. With all kinds of large windows, clean furnishings and white walls to complement the beautiful views, the home is a vast improvement on its former past life.

Requiring a total renovation beyond it’s former ‘glory’, the transformation from being an uncharacteristic building to a luxurious yet pinned-back space is certainly inspiring. Requiring all sorts of constructional changes as much as it’s interior overhaul, the final array of open-plan living spaces that each boast marble fixtures, contrasting furniture colourways and the most beautiful of flooring, it is the juxtaposition of warm and cool that is a tasteful experience to behold. SATORI & SCOUT’s favourite intervention is that of the balustrade, working so well to complement the colour scheme; it is probably a fact that never has such a black-coated piece of metalwork drawn so much attention in any otherwise modest space.

Every ‘modern x rustic’ home doesn’t have to be so lavish, but this home is certainly on the inspiration ladder.

Discover more about the architects online at: AlexanderAnd.Co

Australias Finest Homes

Australia is a country with an abundance of eye-watering homes, and this is no different. Perhaps with a slight advantage over British homes in being located in such warm climates, but doesn't this house work so well...

(Photography Credit : Alexander & Co)

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