The Floating Farmhouse At Rural New York

"...Aptly named the Floating Farmhouse, many of the architectural features such as it’s wood floors, beams and sash windows are original..."

Simply add nothing. When you think of New York (USA) the obvious skyscrapers will all come to mind but step a little beyond into the rural suburbs and you can unearth many hidden architectural gems. Though not every rural building is perfect from the off, designer Tom Givone has certainly made a success of this farmhouse. Idyllic with large glass windows and the most fantastic of complimentary wooden beams, what more could any family want from their home?

Overlooking a silent river, this once old farm building has been redesigned and reconstructed to feature many large rooms that are each fantastically lit. Boasting a floating veranda that softly extends beyond the riverside, you would be forgiven for not knowing which you prefer: outside or inside the house.

Aptly named the Floating Farmhouse, many of the architectural features such as it’s wood floors, beams and sash windows are original. Overhauling many of the spaces to achieve such a rustic aesthetic, the perfectly white minimalist walls set the space for the more original features to take centre stage.

As Givone explains, “…sited at the edge of a pristine creek, with a waterfall cascading over an ancient dam of hand-laid stone, the Floating Farmhouse was a sinking ship when first discovered.”

With the renovation process taking an entire four years, the home is now complete in all it’s splendour and perfectly mixes modernism and rural rustic. Givone continues “…the Floating Farmhouse is an experiment in how opposites attract. The hope at the outset was to combine archaic and modern elements throughout the home in a way that enhances the innate beauty of each by virtue of its contrast with the other.” SATORI & SCOUT particularly loves how the house almost looks like it was wrongfully built too close to the river, only for the veranda to look superb and offer the nicest of outdoor spaces.

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Antique Modernism Around The Home

Mixing polished concrete and quality chrome finishes with haphazard antique fixture and fittings is certainly a curious combination and the result is one that particularly accentuates the designer’s flair. A fantastic renovation indeed.

(Photography Credit : Tom Givone)

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