Spanish Mosaic Home Of Perimeter Design

"...A complete mosaic of hexagonal geometries, this Spanish home is super high on our interest levels..."

Quirky design meets functional requirements meets Mediterranean lifestyle, that is the only way to describe this Spanish home that has been completely transformed by Zooco Estudio. Whilst minimalism is often regarded as a subtle simplicity amongst an otherwise plain canvas, what if the canvas isn’t plain, and by that, SATORI & SCOUT means really isn’t plain at all, virtue of being a complete mosaic of hexagonal geometries? Still minimalist, this Spanish home is super high on our interest levels.

Designed by Madrid-based (Spain) Zooco Estudio, clear and concise geometry have been used to convert this home into a plethora of pattern, colour and ‘craziness’. Aiming to “…compress and expand the bands that run around the perimeter of the site in order make the best out of the small space…” as Zooco Estudio explains, the functional areas of the home have been organised and visually designated in surprising ways, with the differing materials and colours dividing the apartment space logically. With such a minimal expression of the mosaic, the home successfully works due to the layout being easy to read and navigable, whereby all of the mosaic’s detailing adds to the otherwise clean appearance. With a filled perimeter to the rooms and spaces, the home’s habitable activity takes place in it’s centre against such an awesome wall material and backdrop.

Each of the walls within the home’s spaces act differently to one another, whereby each mosaic wall accommodates and depicts the different scenes that the daily lives of the home owners’ require. Set in an urban environment, the home certainly tries it’s best at creating an exceptional place to live.

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Zooco Estudio Of Awesome Materiality

Zooco Estudio appear to be somewhat of magicians when it comes to materiality, with other projects such as Canadio Madrid, The Canica of Infanta and Atrapallada all catching SATORI & SCOUT's eye. Materiality is king.

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