SATORI & SCOUT is a studio collective of persons with well-informed, aspirational lifestyles. With various backgrounds from architecture and design to health and humanities across our team, SATORI & SCOUT continually discovers the best of these related concerns and shares with you our favourites. Our aim is to simply make your life as high-wellbeing as possible in which even the worlds of architecture and design have an integral influence on health and lifestyle; everything is inter-connected.

Wanting to stimulate and inspire our readers, the topics of high-style and design, lifestyle, architecture and culture are all complementary. With overlapping characteristics such as comfort, technology, aesthetics, wellness, value and many more, an aspirational lifestyle is a balance of all these factors. Bringing together designers, lifestylers and culture analysts, we hope that you enjoy discovering, and perhaps adopting, some of our content that we scout and share.

As an informative resource for you to explore, SATORI & SCOUT presents itself in a lightweight online interface, making everything so much simpler; we hope you can discover new style expressions and enjoy our shared aspirational lifestyle ideas. Curating tens of ideas, submissions and discoveries every day, we only publish those that we feel represent the best, coolest, most innovative or most progressive of ideas. Enrich yourself.

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Satori : (Sa-tor-ee)

The act of learning, understanding and awakening to ideas and yourself. Of Japanese origin.

Most Popular Design, Lifestyle and Culture Satori Features And Scouts:

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